Angel - Series 5 - JUST REWARDS

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Angel - Series 5 - JUST REWARDS

Postby tubbyk » Thu Apr 28, 2016 8:14 am

I've been watching a lot of Ats lately. Watched all of the Spike Btvs episodes again too, which was great. Hadn't seen Season 6 for a long time, and was surprised how much I loved it. Season 7 was good but gah! Those bloody Potentials and depressed Buffy and some of the pacing and filler episodes just dragged it down for me.

Discovered that I really, really love Lies My Parents Told Me, despite Giles being possessed by an OOC pod-person. Was great to watch it after such a long break.

Angel Series 5 ultimately depresses me, as I long for Season 6! As soon as I finish watching season 5 I have to run off and read fan fiction to continue the story on.

Just Rewards - reading reviews elsewhere, I conclude that I liked it a lot more than most people. It does get many many brownie points just for the huge thrill of simple seeing Spike and Angel interacting. That in itself is enough to make me give it 10/10. Spike's initial reaction of vamping and attacking Angel, the snark, Angel's angry poutiness at Spike being there, it's all great. I also love that tiny change of tone when Spike pulls Angel up in the lobby, drops the baiting, lowers his voice and tells it like it is. Throughout season 5 the best Spangel moments for me are the ones where Spike and Angel cut through the crap and immediately understand what the other is saying. Especially when it's not necessarily something that one of the other characters would get ( ie - after Fred dies Spike tells Angel quietly that he can't sense Fred in Illyria at all. Angel gets it immediately). That's what being vampires and having a hundred years of kicking around together brings you.

The plot is crap. It doesn't make sense, and no matter how many times I watch it I still don't understand the Spike bluff and that whole deal with Hainsley.

But who cares? We get Spike in Angel's bedroom calling him 'Beefcake', Spike telling another character that he's Angel's date, Angel losing his shit multiple times during the episode, but still managing to look contrite and in need of comfort sex when he goes to kill Spike in the cemetery. What's not to love?

Spangel Interaction - 10/10. Dumb Plot - Minus -3 points. So 7/10 for me.

Oh, and one of my favourite lines of the whole series is in this episode .... Angel: ".... they eat babies!" Harmony: "Just their heads!" Bwahhhaaaaaa!!
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Re: Angel - Series 5 - JUST REWARDS

Postby tactile » Mon May 02, 2016 7:49 pm

Haven't watched 'Just Rewards' in quite a while, Tubby, so I can't add much to what you've already said.

It was so sad seeing Spike hugging his coat. He hated it when he just faded out (as we came to understand) because it meant he was being pulled back into Hell. *sniffle*

I remember Angel saying he was nothing like Spike. That he'd spent a hundred years trying to come to terms with infinite remorse, when Spike had only spent three weeks moaning in a basement, and then he was fine! Suck it up Angel! ;)

LOVED how Angel & Spike turned into juveniles whenever they were around each other. Spike had his snark back and he was going make sure Angel got the brunt of it. Hehe! He always knew how to push Angel's buttons.

The Networks could've made a show entitled "Spike & Angel Taunting & Bickering With Each Other For An Hour" and I would've demanded six seasons and a movie....AT LEAST. The homoerotic vibes were evident throughout the season. David and James had fabulous chemistry - they clearly enjoyed working together. In some scenes they acted like the gayest vamps of any gay vamps in Gay Vampdom. Not that I was complaining.

Damn the Networks!! I'm so glad their precious replacement show BOMBED! :x


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We had a “spoon” joke going for ages after that. :lol:
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