#003 Spike: Very naughty and totally adorable

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Re: #003 Spike: Very naughty and totally adorable

Postby tactile » Sat Nov 08, 2014 6:34 pm

Nice one, Berengaria. :)

Teep, it’s a good job you missed the logistics, organising and planning etc., during your BTVS break, because you haven’t had much time to get re-acquainted.

New thread title…

How about a shortened version of Patsy’s…

Poor Victor! Brought back from the dead…and tortured

Or Teep’s….

Yahoo rant: Just the thing to get your energy level up

A tad too long? :?
Added to the sum, I'm BEAUTIFUL in all my insecurities & WEAKNESSES & PITIFULNESS”...
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Re: #003 Spike: Very naughty and totally adorable

Postby Pasty » Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:40 pm

I just saw this on twitter.

Anna Codutti ‏@anna1781 2h2 hours ago

News straight from James Marsters' mouth: He's working on another Spike comic with Buffy writer David Fury. Squee! #wizardworldtulsa
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Re: #003 Spike: Very naughty and totally adorable

Postby Teep_P12 » Sat Nov 08, 2014 7:50 pm

Here is the article...

http://m.tulsaworld.com/blogs/scene/pra ... o.facebook

Prairie Nerds: James Marsters on 'Buffy,' kissing on screen and more at Wizard World
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World Scene Writer

James Marsters played the consummate bad boy on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Spike was such a beloved and memorable character that his Wizard World Tulsa panel Q-and-A was almost 100 percent devoted to "Buffy"-related questions. He even started off, at request, in a British accent.

"I don't do that anymore," he said with an affectation that sounded less Spike and more steampunk. But he honored the request and continued his entire answer with the adorable accent.

Probably the most interesting part of Marsters' panel was a confession about his time working with Joss Whedon. The actor rightly calls Whedon a genius, but he pointed out a spat in which Whedon was in the wrong. The "Buffy" creator apparently told Marsters once that Spike was "Angel's greatest ingenue." The Wizard World crowd groaned in response -- not a lot of team Angel fans at a panel with the man who played Spike. Marsters said he and Whedon actually had a tense moment of disagreement over that comment, and he wishes he could do that conversation over and apologize. (But just because he's sorry doesn't mean he wasn't also right.)

Marsters moved on to something more personal, and historical, when he answered a question related to his self-identification as a "subversive artist." He delved all the way into his high school years to answer a question about getting in trouble or being a bad boy. Apparently Marsters' California upbringing was not unlike kids in Oklahoma in one way: football worship. But Marsters hated football players. His idea of fun was throwing massive parties when his parents left town and colluding with the prettiest girls to hit on jocks and then wait till the end of the party to drop them. Marsters face lit up as he giggled at the memories of the popular football players being left high and dry -- all due to his design.

The laughs continued when Marsters was asked what kinds of weird things fans have done to him. He confessed one of his biggest worries at conventions is having his backside grabbed.

"Please don't do that if you see me," he pleaded. "It'll ruin my day and the next guy in line will get a sad Marsters."

But he told a story of when he apparently submitted to such abuse. Calling the London convention-goers "nasty," with a wink, he recalled a story of when two old ladies approached him with a request.

He may have regretted his response of "Sure!" when they asked him to turn around and bend over. Who'd have thought the old ladies in London get so fresh? They grabbed Marsters' bum and said, "Now, clench!"

UPDATE: Marsters, who wrote the Spike comic "Into the Light," told me he's working on another comic with "Buffy" writer and producer David Fury. Fury wrote "Crush" and was writer/director of "Gone," which means he gave us one of the best Spike scenes of the series: "Hey, that's cheating."
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Re: #003 Spike: Very naughty and totally adorable

Postby Teep_P12 » Sun Nov 09, 2014 5:01 pm

Time to head to the new thread.
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