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Postby Spike's Wolf » Wed Aug 03, 2016 1:06 am

Stormy skies coupled with lightening strikes landing just left of Sunnydale High caused flames to extravasate the clustered houses. Blazing across rooftops towards the growing inferno that surrounded all of Sunnydale causing everyone panic, Spike led the charge dowsing the fires and rescuing all the helpless kittens left behind. Suddenly rain poured into the tunnels created by the archaeological students during their quest for the holy Gem of Amara that summer before graduation and floated towards Spike's favorite pub. Wondering where everyone disappeared to, Willow called Buffy to check what Giles intended for restoring all files from the study of demonic rituals. Buffy said she didn't want Andrew participating because he jumbled all the spells together creating dangerous results. Agreeing that all the students were in safe quarters Spike decided to check the armoury for weaponry that needed cleaning before utilization by the gang bangers who hid beneath dense foliage. OTOH Angel counselled the potentials in the area of fisticuffs to train them better for battles that required persistent hand-to-hand combat. Next task needing approval was tactical positions during the final maneuver with the visiting gnomes from Ireland. Completing their initiation the enthusiast lined and marched towards California ready for battle. Positioning everyone along the walls surrounding the auspicious Manor, Spike proceeded Angel through the smoke-filled hallway leading towards the outside courtyard where hundreds of demons were frolicking around the garden fountain celebrating Lammas training success. Meanwhile Lorne attempted to rally the musicians into action with the melody symphonic orchestra accompanied together.

The End

Time for a new story. Link to new story http://colddeadseed.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=139
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