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Postby Spike's Wolf » Tue Jul 07, 2015 2:41 pm

Spring finally appeared in Sunnydale, blossoms bursting toward the source of sunshine and rain drops while Spike delivered several dainty flowers wrapped in pretty ribbon bows and lily-of-the-valley scattered with diamonds across trailing vines of ivy leaf and glitter sprinkled berries. Deciding he would reach LA in twenty hours time, Angel leapt into action and drove wildly towards town hoping to stop whatever was threatening to demolish Sunnydale with help from the whole gang. Buffy paced back towards Spike who stared unblinking as the Fay started bouncing around her spot on swirling leaves. Reacting to the danger of all the ferocious demons rampaging around Fred, Spike wrestled with wanting to charge towards the advancing pixies and bite them teasingly but not before he was trampled by gangs of angry cupids who launched their arrows into the space between Fred's head and her shoulders. Swiftly turning towards Gunn, Wesley arranged for battle with swords and stakes that writhed the weaponry's full strength, giving all possible energy to his weapon. Finally getting together every morning the gang had plenty time to rehearse their plan for success. Wesley marked the spot where the dryads had buried their treasure and secret items that belonged to Lorne. Gathering himself together, Spike reached for the Dew and with careful precision that took everyone by surprise by daintily handing it to Angel who decided to allow Lorne several sips while capsizing the canoe in LA basin. Then Gunn grabbed Fred twirling gracefully around stretching equipment until eventually completed.

The End

Time for a new story. Link to new story http://www.colddeadseed.org/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=118
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